Tasks, but for depressed people

  1. Being bombarded with too much information at once. Opening up that task list is like an explosion of information at your face.
  2. Seeing a task that you’ve been avoiding. Each day you see that task ratchets the anxiety level up a notch, until that singular task is the singular reason you will never go back to that task list.
  3. Seeing a list of tasks that are… mildly unpleasant to you. Different people have different tastes, so for some “clean the toilet” might not be as triggering as perhaps “eat a vegetable” or even “spend 30 minutes reading a non-fiction book”.
  4. Making a huge task list and then watching the day go by as nothing gets done or crossed off. What do you do at 10pm with a task list of 20 items and only two were crossed off? Boom: anxiety.
  1. The app opens up asking you how you’re feeling. Based on how you’re doing, you might be given full range of the app or a more restricted version. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, perhaps you might only get to set one task to accomplish and that would be enough for the day.
  2. The task list resets every morning. I know, you may gasp at the very idea of deleting a task list and starting fresh. This product’s aim is helping people accomplish small things while reducing the anxiety response. Use accordingly!
  3. The specific categories for each task don’t just include productivity, but also self care, reading, learning, and social. Getting up and texting a friend to say hi is something you can accomplish and can be proud of. It ain’t just about doing your taxes.
  4. The maximum amount of tasks you can add is 9. I’d like to meet the savage that can can get more than 9 tasks done during the day while also battling depression and anxiety. Each task has a specific category, encouraging you not to overwhelm yourself with multiple similar tasks at the beginning of the day.



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Lynn Baxter

Lynn Baxter

UX Designer, science enthusiast, relentless cynic, eternal optimist.